RETRO GP Canal de Castilla

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This event is reserved for ‘Retro cyclists’ who: 

a) Ride racing bikes dating from before 1987 (which have brake cables outside the handlebar tape, gear levers on the frame and pedals with toe-clips, unless they have previously contacted the organisers and an exception has been made).

b) If riding racing bikes, must come wearing vintage-style maillots made of wool or vintage cycling team imitations. Culottes must be black or match the same team as the maillot. Socks and footwear must be classic or modern but discreet, in keeping with the rest of the outfit.


Author: Carmelo Ortega. Road bike admitted by GPCC

Example of what to wear to the Retro GPCC if bringing a road bike


c) Bring other bicycles dating from before 1987 can be used, for example track bikes, tandems, tradesmen’s bikes (postman, milkman, army, forest ranger…), city bikes, motorettas, velosolex, velocipedes or old tricycles...etc.

d) Do not bring a racing bike but come dressed in vintage attire, in other words, elegantly and in keeping with the bicycle that they do bring (tradesman, as a child if it is a motoretta, etc.)


Mountain bikes (MTB) are not permitted.

PLEASE NOTE: To maintain the spirit of the event the organisers will be very strict about the compliance of these regulations, and aside from justified exceptions that have been accepted before confirming registration, no cyclists will be able to participate if they do not comply with the requirements above, but will be refunded.

Los recorridos del Retro GPCC combinan los tramos asfaltados con el paso por los caminos de sirga del canal, caminos de concentración parcelaria y el paso por pueblos históricos.

The Retro GPCC route combines paved sections with towpaths, country paths and roads through historic villages.

There are two routes that participants can choose from as they wish on the day:


67km (with 17km not paved but divided into four different sections). Total climb 450m


 96km (with 30km not paved but divided into six different sections). Total climb 500m


Track Longer Route (Wikiloc)